Tuesday, May 03, 2005

First Tee

Welcome, sports fans or i write the words readers, this is my sports only blog. I wanted to do this all along but now feel like I can find material for a few posts on two blogs.

A little sports background is necessary. I am a retired amatuer athlete only attempting to play golf a couple of times a year and bowl a little less. I bet I swim more than I hit golf balls or roll balls at pins. I did play baseball for about ten years, little league on up to trying for high school and not making it. I couldn't hit, no I really couldn't hit. Baseball may have been my primary sport, but played hours of backyard football and a few years of organized basketball.

More importantly my history as a sports fan began somewhere in the early eighties. Believe it or not I remember such things as the Wide World of Sports, Vinny Testeverde in college, before Mike Tyson, and short basketball shorts. Hell, I remember when the Braves were bad, but people liked them more than they do now. They had the fattest infield of all time. Chris Chamblis, Glenn Hubbard, Rafael Ramirez, and Bob Horner. That was back when they wore uni's with out buttons. Those stretch shirts, ugh. They looked like George Costanza designed them.

Anyway this will be where I whine about my Gamecocks, Redskins, San Fransisco Giants, Los Angelas Angels of Anaheim, foreign golfers, and why no one likes women's sports.

I probably will also complain that I wish I could surf and skate, because those are two sports I really wish I could do well. I live on the coast but don't surf, and haven't enough balance to walk much less skateboard.

Instead I'll just hit you with a little comment on the NBA playoffs. WHO CARES? Wake me up when the Suns are in the finals and the Lakers are not still the lead story.


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