Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Diamond Darin

Here is a brief update on some of my favorite baseball players. This is intended to show that I am biased and will be on my stories, and to let you know who I pull for or against. I don't want to act like this is an attempt to be a journalist. This is a fan's point of view page.

My favorite baseball player is Darin Erstad by a mile. Darin is a Gold Glover from two postions. Center field, and First Base. The reasons are easy he is the ultimate go getter. He doesn't shy away from a challenge, putting his body into difficult sitiuations all the time. He is a hustle guy and I love the scrappy hustlers out there on the field. I was a shortstop and outfielder generally because I had the best arm on every team I played on. Even when I was the youngest guy I beat out most because of my arm. But I envyed the guys that could just dive around and throw caution to the wind. I maybe only made ten diving plays in ten years of baseball. Erstad makes them all the time. Oh and I think its cool he punted for Nebraska in the 90's.

Also making the list is Scott Rolen, Ichiro, Marcus Giles, Derek Lee, Tim Hudson, I saw Huddy pitch when he was with Auburn, Lance Berkman, Todd Helton, Juan Pierre, Vlad Gurrero, JT Snow and my homeboys from USC, Adam Everett, and Brian Roberts. Roberts is the mackdad right now too.

Anyway that's all I got for today, USC is playing Furman tonight and UT this weekend.

For the local followers The State will have an article on Summerville Football and its recruiting of a local high schooler from a rival school.


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