Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Sisters of the Poor and Crippled

I threw it out there a while back that I am a dyed in the wool Gamecock. I was just looking back at some truely phenomenal stuff. Our win loss record over the last say sixty years. I stopped when I saw this:


Now I've given some hell over strength of schedule to Clemson and others, but this would not go over well with the BCS.

Who is the Charleston Coast Guard? And we tied? Georgia Pre-Flight did have a fine running back named Orville Wright...

It cracks me up to see who these southern teams used to play. I still love the line about Sewanne beating Georgia Tech, Texas, Furman, Wofford, Dallas Cowboys etc, and on the seventh day they rested. It was probably 100% true.

Good stuff, only like 134 days till the Orr Spurrier Era begins.


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