Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Preview's Resumed

First a little baseball chatter, Morgan Ensberg is juiced on what I know not. Second my main man B-Rob, Brian Roberts is going to be featured in the Max Sight campaign. He had been featured on CBS Nightly News and in some other reports as the test subject for Nike's Max Sight tinted contact lenses. They have replaced sun glasses in his life, eye black and blinking. He sees the ball better and thus has had an all star season. Max Sight is going on with the campaign and production.

Now its time for my pro football and USC football previews.

Who is gonna make the playoffs?

Some are obvious some are surprises:
NFC: Philadelphia, Minnestoa, Seattle, Carolina
Wild Cards: Dallas, Detroit

AFC: New England, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Indianapolis
Wild Cards Baltimore, Jacksonville

NFC Championship Carolina over Minnesota
AFC Championship Pittsburgh over New England

Super Bowl, I don't know. Carolina ties Pittsburgh until I make my mind up.

Offensive MVP NFC: Daunte Culpepper
Defensive MVP NFC: Julius Peppers these are too easy.
Offensive Rookie of the Year NFC: Jason Campbell...PLEASE
Defensive Rookie of the Year NFC: Corey Webster
Coach of the Year: Steve Mariuchi

Offensive MVP AFC: Peyton Manning with Byron Leftwich right there
Defensive MVP AFC: Dwight Freeny
Offensive Rookie of the Year: tie Braylon Edwards and Ronnie Brown..too easy
Defensive Rookie of the Year: Marlin Jackson
Coach of the Year: Bill Cowher is going to be the man, but its Jack Del Rio.

Surprises: Ricky Williams lead the Dolphins in TD's and Rushing
Alex Smith doesn't finish the season
Joey Harrington shines, and Michael Vick struggles
The Texans and Lions are 9-7.
Plaxico Burress will suck in NYC.


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