Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Nat'l Champion Prediction in July???

First question every year is who's number 1. I think that is pretty obvious. USC is going to be the concensus #1 across the board, the more important question is how will they finish, and who is the leader in the race for #2?

My best guess places USC as the clear choice as the class team of college ball, with no one in their league. Will they go undefeated, maybe not, but that's irrelevant now. They may only lose one game all year, barring any unforseen issues. But who will they play for the championship and can that team take them down. I say yes, but I doubt it.

I've got five teams I believe can win the National Championship, Texas, Tennessee, Iowa, LSU and Louisville. Texas first. Texas is the best team that isn't in California, but has one of the greatest potentials for losing it all if Vince Young goes down or if Cedric Benson's shoes aren't filled. Why Texas won't be there...@Ohio St. @ Texas A&M, @Oklahoma St, and theres a game with Oklahoma they can't win. Why Texas will be there..this is the year to catch Oklahoma, and they are the best team in the Big 12 and won't play Nebraska.

Tennessee now. They could win the SEC and fall into the 2nd position for a chance at the Nat'l championship. They're good but not good enough. Why they won't...QB play. You got Claussen and Ainge, what happens if Claussen struggles and they have a controversy, and have any of you heard of the SEC East? UGA is a homer but they travel to Florida, and LSU. Why they will Gerald Riggs Jr. is the best back in the country that doesn't play in Los Angeles, or Michigan. Defense should be good and they have the pedigree as winners.

Iowa. This is a semi-gamble. These guys weren't supposed to win 7 games last year, and they didn't, they won 10. Including beating LSU in a bowl. Kirk Ferentz can flat coach and they can still sneak up on teams. Why they won't..still a year away. Got Michigan, Ohio St on the schedule. Why they will.. because they've won 11, 10, and 10 the last three years. This could be the cinderella that Virgina Tech has been.

LSU next. LSU is going to be good there isn't much arguing that. This is the most loaded team of people you may have never heard of in the country. Remember Sugar Bowl MVP Justin Vincent, he's third on the depth chart at RB. He only ran for two TD's and 125 yrds on Okla. Two good WR's . Defense is the unproven, but over the last few years that hasn't been any concern. Bo Pelini will have all eleven athletes swarming the conference. Why they will win...they know how, and they are going to be tested and they are deep. Why they won't... I don't have anything here, just more why they will, UT, UF, Auburn and Arizona St at home.

Louisville. Yes this is quite possibly going to be the story of the year. Imagine LSU, UT, UTenn, and the rest losing a game or two. Oklahoma and Michigan take defeats and the ACC is brutal with its parody. Maybe USC takes a loss, who has the best chance to go undefeated in a major conference? Louisville is right. Why they will...Michael Bush, Brian Brohm, and Bobby Petrino. why they won't...college football doesn't believe in happy endings for "non-powers". This will be needed to steam the playoff talk another year.

So write it down, I'm taking LSU and USC. USC wins because they get to sleep in their own beds.


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