Monday, June 20, 2005

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

Wow! was my only phrase during Michael Campbell's transcendendent win on Sunday. Never had a man qualified from outside USA, as this was the first year for non-US qualifying. Michael Campbell is virtually more unknown, than previous US Open winner Steve Jones and PGA Champ Shawn Micheel.

I was also freaked out by the reaction to a Formula 1 race where only six cars hit the track. Michelin tire users protested for safety reasons, and it caused near riot conditions.

We aren't far from good old college football. I am pushing a piece of legislation to have two college football seasons. One in March through June, and the next September through January. This gives all the kids time to go to school and me time to relax. I'm one of those people that can't sleep very well the nights before games. And really wear losses heavily. I'm a Gamecock it's in my blood. But the feeling of a win is so great I'm ready to risk certain stess levels twice a year.

While I'm hitting you up on football, I'm thinking I've got to get back to Fantasy Football, I missed it last year and would've had a good year. I always take Peyton when I can if not Daunte Culpepper. Both had MVP seasons. This year I've got some good insight to some secondary picks....maybe I can give you all a good fantasy preview to go with your college and pro football spectacular.

Guess I better get to work....


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