Saturday, May 28, 2005

Fall Out Boy

I picked up the first college football magazine with Spurrier on it today. I glanced through it and must have seen his face or name twenty times. Also the top three were USC, Tenn. and Iowa. Interesting that no team from Florida was mentioned, and Texas wasn't top three, they were fifth. For USC we're looking at nearly 95 days till kick off. I can't wait. Thursday night and Sportscenter in Cola. I will not work that Thursday or Friday. Can't freakin' wait.

Also in the world of sports, I was attending the Southern Conference Tournament today and saw a player fall out. I don't know if he hurt his groin or had cramps. He could have even "monkeyed" in the heat. I've seen some weird stuff but this took the cake. If I had to guess I'd say cramps, but the best part was a spry red head that I assume has an interest in sports medicine ran out to help, no other med staff. Next four ballplayers headed out and scooped an appendage.

Big ass race tomorrow. Coca Cola 600. My sister will be there, look for the fish out of water. She is a good sport, but it will all get tested tomorrow. Good luck Sis, don't go flashin' the populus.


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