Monday, June 06, 2005

Goodbye Heart


I've been watching two dozen tons of softball playoffs, really good stuff. I just can't understand why no one watches this stuff. I love sports for competition and passion. Women's College World Series is the definition of passion, competition and pressure. Yesterday and Saturday I probably watched a total of seven games. I really fell in love with Texas' team, probably because they have the best player in college ball, and the sexiest. I can't deny I was watching for the sex appeal, but I really would have watched if they weren't hot. Cat Osterman though, the best pitcher in softball was so much fun to watch. She threw nearly 220 pitches Sunday, after pitching Sat afternoon. This is a pretty common occurance in softball as it doesn't tax their arms as much as the legs. (I didn't know that until this weekend).

The other reason, Megan Willis a good player in her own right, is the hottest thing on the diamond since Jenny Finch. Very pretty, good athlete and the team's cheerleader, which might have been my favorite part, watching these girls do the baseball chants...girly style.

Too bad Texas was eliminated yesterday, I haven't a team too root for, well until the game starts.


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