Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Off the DL

I've been doing some major slacking in the sports column of my blogs. I got nothing to say. Waiting patiently for college football, can't figure why Gerald Green, high school phenom from Houston, was projected so high but went so late, what happened to Michelle Wie, and how great was Texas baseball, how bout them Nationals, saw a game this weekend, saw RFK and looked for Hogs, Joe Gibbs, and Art Monk, Moe Thompson is done, I'm thinking of starting Yoga and teaching myself, I guess Yoga isn't a sport its a lifestyle like being vegan.

Things I can't wait to see, USC with Spurrier, British Open, Maria Sharapova hoisting a platter, Texas at Ohio St., FSU and Miami, my first cold beer Thursday Sept 1st in Columbia, how quickly Andrew Bogut is compared to Luc Longley outside of this post, me doing yoga.


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