Friday, October 07, 2005

Oh Manny, you came and you gave without taking...

Roger Clemens is 43 years old. Jeff Francoeur was 7 months old when Clemens made his major league debut. Julio Franco had played two years before Francoeur was born, and Clemens debuted.

Think about this also. John Smoltz is old, but not nearly as old as Clemens who has pitched five more seasons. Look at Clemens' face and Smoltz's face. They look the same age. Ozzie Guillen was a rookie in 85, Clemens first year. Francoeur was 1.

Manny Rameriez is easily one of my favorite players of all time. For a couple of reasons. First he is the clown prince of cleanup men. Second the guy is good, capital G.

Picks for the week.

Texas 42 Oklahoma 20
Michigan 51 Minnesota 48
Tennessee 26 Georgia 12
UCLA 45 Cal 35
Ohio St. 41 Penn ST 9
South Carolina 29 UK 17

I love Erin Andrews.


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