Friday, September 23, 2005

Can Reggie Bush Score on Every Touch?

Picks for the week...

Iowa 19 Ohio St. 14

Va Tech 45 Ga Tech 24...Va Tech has scored 45 in two straight games, it seems their limit...

So. Cal 112 Oregon 23..They go down 10-7 with 54 minutes to go and put the starters back in to make sure they send a message to the Pac 10 or as I call it Conference USC. Best job in America...Seal, second best job punting for USC.

LSU 31 UT 27

Clemson 17 BC 21

USC 41 Troy 10...USC will be playing everyone, and our everyone is better than their anyone.

I gotta believe that a big upset will happen this week. I'm feelin' Auburn losing or Notre Dame...I am picking Wisconsion over Michigan... so you know....


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