Thursday, September 01, 2005

Week 1 Picks

We kick off the college football season tonight. I'll be at the first game of the year in Columbia, SC pulling my beloved Gamecocks through our Spurrier-era debut.

USC should have no problems with Central Florida, but due to the fight in Clemson last November we may struggle. We've got several players suspended, and very young reserves. However we are an SEC team playing the UCF Knights and their 15 game losing steak.

USC 20 UCF 9

For the rest of the country watch all of the favorites to win. The lone exceptions are in Athens, Clemson and maybe Knoxville. UTenn plays UAB, everybody should know Darrell Hackney he's back. I'm only saying it could be more interesting than anyone expects.

UT 45 UAB 34
UGA 27 Boise ST. 24
Clemson 19 Texas A&M 14
Auburn 31 Georgia Tech 17
Louisville 56 UK 10
Va Tech 49 NCST 7
Miami 24 FSU 12

Upset of the Week: Notre Dame 28 Pitt that an upset. Pitt's got nothing but a great wideout and Wannstedt.


One more thing, I forgot to ask my "poll question". Since no one really ever gives comments, I'll just give you my feelings. Question would have been: Given USC's (So. Cal) rebirth in football glory who would you most like to see comeback to the National Championship spotlight?

Your choices are limitless but here are the one's I've selected:
Penn ST.

Each have had sustained sucess, but I would most like to see Nebraska come back into an every season powerhouse, followed by Alabama. Nebraska was so much fun to watch dominate teams from the trenches and the sidelines. I was young and stupid but could easily sense Coach Osbourne's ability to lead and manage a team. Yes he lost a couple of Nat'l Championship games, but he's got a fist full of gold now. My all-time favorite Non-SC player is Tommie Frazier for pretty obvious reasons. He was the best college quarterback of all time, and those were my most formative years.

Toss that around see how it plays...get back to me, oh and if anyone wants to see Pittsburgh you will be banned.


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