Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Whip it good

Gamecocks, got about what was expected. A strong slap on the wrist, and a threatening of the belt. Thankfully the NCAA saw fit only to increase the punishment USC imposed upon itself by one year. We did wrong, but people this was nearly the opposite of the stuff that got Bob Huggins. Huggy bear didn't care if his guys went to class, we merely gave them rides and tutors.

So while on the subject of USC let's talk some football. We're not going to be real good this year. The defense is stout the offense is young. The only place we are strong on offense is at wide receiver. We have some good talent and some great youth. Look for those guys to be super when the ball gets to them.

We'll get a little deeper as the season goes on, but I don't look for more than 6 wins, with 6 being optimistic. We can't beat UGA, UT, UF and will probably lose one on the way. We shouldn't be worried too much with our out of conference games, or UK and Vandy.

Spurrier will have our guys ready and should have everyone very competitive. We quit on Holtz after about October the last couple of years, I don't see SOS allowing that this time around.

Seven days away.....


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