Thursday, September 08, 2005

Week 2 Pick'em

Guys and Gals get your we go!

Notre Dame 19 Michigan 22
Clemson 34 Maryland 25
LSU 10 Arizona ST. 17 I had LSU in the Natl Championship...I don't think they can get it together now all things considered.

UGA 21 USC 13
Ohio ST. 13 Texas 7
Cal 34 Washington 7
Va Tech 38 Duke 6
Auburn 21 Miss St. 12
Georgia Tech 17 UNC 0
Wake Forrest 24 Nebraska 27

Two good intra-conference games next week. NFL starts tonight, Patriots can beat the Raiders any day of the week and possibly twice tonight. More NFL coming up. My fantasy team is poised for dominace, but will they. If each player does nearly what I expect I could have a great year. I am happy at all positions, excited with some. More later. Geaux LSU!!! and as always Go Cocks.


I am now picking LSU over Arizona St. I'll go now with 23-17. I've been waffling now I'm back with the Bayou Bengals.


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