Saturday, October 01, 2005

Week 5 October!!!

Many apologies for this late post but check the time stamp it is pre noon, these picks are legit. I've had a tough two weeks, too many "I hope so and so wins".

This week my two favorite Pac Ten teams are playing. I like USC more now since they win and should win it all, and I like Arizona St's logo, and uniforms. I swear I'm normal. My love of Arizona St gets rekindled each time they have a good football or baseball team. I think of that school as party paradise, and really like the women. But these two play in what is the most important game of the day nationally.

USC 49 ASU 35 this may be the half time score even if both quarterbacks go down, but I'm going with it. Too many horses.

So many other good games not getting the love this week. Some unranked teams battling ranked teams in some true danger games por exemplo...

Michigan at Michigan St. take State 21 Mich. 20
South Florida at Miami can't do it two weeks in a row, can they? Hurricanes 13 Bulls 9
Tennessee and Mississippi in the all wheel of fortune game, actually this is the SEC and I'm certain there's a fifth of whiskey and an epic novel as trophies...Vols 31 Rebels 10.
Minnesota vs. Penn ST. PSU is undefeated, as are the Gophers, but the Gophers always start strong and fade. That will continue, barely. 27-21.

Florida and Alabama. A good ole' southern clash. You know what though. Alabama has beaten Florida in this series 19-12. Florida wasn't even competitive until Spurrier put them back on the map. Since they are 7-3. Zook never played 'em but he would have rolled. Today Urban Meyer rolls the crimson, and we find out who truly is the class of the south. Florida 56 Alabama 21.

Notre Dame has been interesting this year, and today they play a "high powered Purdue team". Hasn't Purdue been high powered for a while now? ND 31 Purdue 17.

Two close calls for the top 5 today. Texas 28 Missouri 24. Virgina Tech 41 West Virgina 31.

And finally Clemson gets nasty and murders Wake...45-9. USC gets ugly and killed Auburn 27-6.

I should go back to bed if this is going to be the way the day goes....


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