Thursday, October 13, 2005

Some Call Me Maurice

Well what's happening at the half way point of many teams seasons?

USC is not quite living up to the hype by performing in a full game. Texas might be better than expected, Florida State is better than expected as are Georgia and Alabama, but LSU and Michigan have been disappointing.

Today my Heisman vote goes to Maurice Drew. Pure offense. The Bruins are undefeated and most of the reason is Maurice Drew. NFL talent in UCLA again. I posed the question earlier this year who would you rather see come back to glory? Pitt., Alabama, BYU, Penn ST, Navy, or Nebraska. Silly me. UCLA should have been available. They along with Bama, and Penn ST are undefeated with great wins along the way.

So I thought LSU in the Rose Bowl versus USC. Katrina hurt their chances, not totally but enough. Now I really like Georgia's chances, and Virginia Tech. One of these teams is gonna give So Cal fits. Aggressive Southern Style Defenses. Ass D's we'll call them.

Anyway the high five for now...

Va Tech

Broncos...NO NFC


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