Tuesday, November 01, 2005

We're Talking Basketball

Busy Week. Killed my blogging.

Good week for South Carolina football. Tremendous win for the Gamecocks at Tennessee. First win in Knoxville ever. Now we need to win in the Swamp sometime, and Fayetteville Arkansas next time.

Vince Young took control of the Heisman this weekend. USC and Texas stretched their leads in the BCS. Va. Tech with a few more wins may have a greater case than Auburn from last year.

Enough about football, we'll get back to that.

NBA starts tonight and as usual I like to throw some predictions at ya

WEST Rockets over Suns. Only one reason why I pick the Rockets and not the Spurs. I don't want to pick what everyone else picks. Spurs don't exist. Its boring to pick what everyone else picks.

EAST Pacers over the Nets. No Heat, read above, but with these reasons. Shaq is injury prone and Antoine Walker+Jason Williams+Gary Payton = Team Cancer. Less touches for Dwayne Wade.

Rockets over Pacers. Tracey McGrady becomes Kobe to Yao's Shaq.

Rookie of the Year: I keep thinking Channing Frye.

Dead solid prediction: Ron Artest will not go into the stands in Detroit. I predict Philadelphia.


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