Saturday, November 05, 2005

TO is an Ass

Whats up sports fans?

Here's a thought, close your eyes and watch as LaVar Arrington and Sean Taylor converge on an Eagles wideout. They rush to the ball carrier, one in front one from behind. The ball carrier is Terrell Owens and he sees one coming makes a move it fails, it was predicted, he's crushed. His helmet empty and dangling on the ground like an ice cube that runs across the kitchen floor. #56 Arrington stands and celebrates over the eagle's carcass with Taylor #21. Owens lies on the ground stunned possibly hurt. No teamates walk over, the trainers walk to the player out of necessity. 81 gets dragged to the sideline and tossed in a pile of disregard.

There is nothing I can't stand more than one teamate bashing another and Owens has made a history of it. Calling Jeff Garcia gay, telling the media that Donovan McNabb hurled a few times on the final drive of the Super Bowl and playing him a weak and without heart. And now, no matter how out of context some of it can be, dissing McNabb for not winning games. And questioning his toughness. Owens you've defined your character, you are the worst teamate in the league and a pitiful excuse for a person. You should be lucky Donovan McNabb is on your team. Most players can't bury the things you say or do against them.

Imagine if you filled out your free agent paperwork on time. You could have gone anywhere you wanted, many think you wanted to be an Eagle all along. That's great. You got what you asked for. But think with me for just one moment. You were a Raven for a few minutes, until the league bailed your ignorant butt out. Question Ray Lewis's desire, manhood or toughness. I'd like to see you do it. Ray Lewis is one of the best teamates you could find, like McNabb, he plays hurt and never settles for average. Like McNabb player surround him and thrive when he leads them. You sir cannot say the same. You have solidified my opinion of you. Without bringing your whiny negotiations with the Eagles into this, I have decided you are the athlete I hate most way above any other.

Now for some picks, rant over.

Two upset special games that won't happen but would be huge.

UNC vs. Boston College. BC 27 UNC3. But UNC has a way of surprising every couple of years

Texas and Baylor. Texas 49-12. But Baylor's defense is stout. A few turnovers and....

Notre Dame45 UT 21

Wisconsin 38 Penn St 27

Oregon 42 Cal 35

Clemson 56 Duke 9

Miami 13 Va Tech 34 not to close. Miami's QB situation becomes a situation

USC 24 Arkansas 10. I think we've got something going here and don't want to speculate on any negatives. Allthough we haven't beaten the Hogs on the road in many years.


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