Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I haven't done enough research to make this statement, but I figure the Final Four will be Duke, Oklahoma, Louisville and Michigan St. Now with that statement out there, watch out for Alabama, Texas, and UConn. I picked Michigan St. last year preseason, this year I'm going with Oklahoma. I hate making the easy pick and going with Coach K, so I'm going with the other Coach K. Kelvin Sampson.

Gamecocks, are gonna either be great or terrible. Jury is still out. I am gonna think really great. Not a good team in the SEC East other than Kentucky. Florida is always right there but overrated. Georgia, Vandy and Tennessee aren't any better than USC. I see second in the East.

T.O. What more can I say. I understand wanting to win so bad it hurts and makes you do some really stupid things like take steroids, abandon your family, fight with teamates, and say bad things about people you love, or must play with. I understand it, and I also know its totally wrong. Some of it is excuseable. I excuse some of the things Owens has said on an individual basis, but when they are put together in a stream of sentences in one sitting, its bad.

Finally I was rather upset to see that Wally Joyner took steroids. Allbeit at the end of his career, it still has now marred an incredibly underrated player.


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