Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Something is wrong with Florida. I can't figure it out exactly. They've been getting worked by UT and LSU lately. This happened last year and they solved it rather well. But right now they don't look very strong.

On the opposite side. Pat Summitt and Bruce Pearl collectively rival Geno Aurieama and Jim Calhoun, Mike Kryszewski and Gail Goestenkors for basketball programs, but they have no rival for school spirit. Summitt wore a UT cheerleading uniform and sang Rocky Top during a timeout tonight. Luckily for my eyes and genitals I was laughing in slight admiration and not looking at her legs. I would give my buddies right nut to have that kind of enthusiasim in Columbia from a coach not named Steve Spurrier. Spurrier isn't that kind of guy, the type that dresses up I mean, but I honestly believe he would do it if it gained an advantage in the conference. I say that and I forget, he did dress in drag for Digiorno's pizza...so he will do anything.

Listen as far as March Madness is concerned...it cannot get here fast enough. Currently I'm unemployed, but with out a doubt things will fall into place exactly as the games get going....If USC were in the tourney, I'd probably sit out of work until they were done....I've got problems..


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