Thursday, February 01, 2007


I don't believe in keys of the game, but I do look for definitive things that have to happen for the Colts to win.

Its pretty simple, as someone once said, score more than your opponent. The keys to the game are usually obvious, don't turn the ball over, stop the opponent's offensive attack, and third down. What I prefer are things or people that will decide the outcome. And then making predictions on what will have to happen for the team to win. My "keys to the game" are not meant to be broad. They should be pointed and measurable.

So here goes.

Peyton cannot throw more than 2 picks.
Adam Vinatieri cannot kick more than 4 field goals.
Dwight Freeney must pressure Rexie at least 5 times. (By pressure I mean knock down or sack).
Colts need to rush for over 150 yards.

What am I saying here?
Peyton is vital to the Colts success. He cannot throw more than two picks because you give the Bears way too many opportunities and free possessions. I do however think you get a little wiggle room and can get away with a pick or two.

Vinatieri cannot kick more than 4 field goals. Reasons, are obvious. Four field goals is 12 points. The Bears can score 14 in the game with out much problem. What this is about is missed opportunity. Now if Vinatieri has 5 extra points and four field goals this may be different. But mark this down, if the Bears can keep the Colts out of the endzone and settling for 3 pointers. It won't be good for Colt fans.

Dwight Freeney needs to pressure Grossman. Obvious. It is pertinent that Freeney disrupt what Rex does. Rattle Rex and you shut the Bears offense down. Freeney will crucial to Indianapolis.

Colts need to rush for 150. This means they are moving the ball and have the Bears worn down. If they amass 150 yards on the ground, I have to think this will equate to 30 points.

Most Important Players for the Colts (not named Peyton Manning)
Dallas Clark, Dwight Freeney, Ryan Diem (he's blocking the future superstar on the Bears Mark Anderson, more on him tomorrow), and Bob Sanders.

MVP candidates. Bob Sanders, Marvin Harrison, Peyton Manning, and the Dark Horse Aaron Morehead.

Bears preview tomorrow.


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