Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Super Bowl XLI

I'm back. I took some time away and have decided to get back to doing what I do best. Writing my thoughts and opinions. So, if you're checking me out for the first time or if you have returned at my urging. I thank you.

It's Super Bowl week and nothing is more interesting to me than the history of the Super Bowl. I love trivia and little known facts. I like the weird "there have only been two safeties scored in the Super Bowl" (not guaranteed as fact, I haven't a clue, I can only think of two but I'm not certain). So what I think I'll do is have today be Super Bowl Fun Fact and Trivia Day at The Mighty Sound of the Southeast.

1. Lamar Hunt named the championship game the Super Bowl. Super Bowl III was the first to be called the Super Bowl.

2. There have been 39 coaches in the Super Bowl not counting XLI. That's out of a possible 80. If you go once you're likely to go back. Of course the law of diminishing returns (or something like it) starts to apply. That's stunning though. Don Shula, Tom Landry, Joe Gibbs, Dan Reeves, Chuck Noll and Bud Grant have 27 of those appearances.

***This needs to be corrected. The coaches mentioned above are not 27 of 39. There have been 39 different coaches, out of a possible 80. 40 games 2 coaches a game. The men mentioned have 27 of 80 coaching appearances. I just want to take out any confusion. 6 of 39 have 1/3 the appearances. I'm sorry for the edit, but I was checking my work and found a possible discrepancy.***

3. Did you know that two cities have hosted indoor and outdoor Superbowls? Both New Orleans and Houston. New Orleans in the Superdome and Tulane Stadium, and Houston in Rice Stadium and Reliant Stadium.

4. As a South Carolinaian I look for links to the state in each year's game. This year the only link I can find or even think of is Rod Wilson. Rod Wilson is a very seldom used linebacker from the University of South Carolina.

5. Your final piece of trivia to wow your Super Bowl party buddies is, The Dallas Cowboys have seven Super Bowl MVP's in eight appearances. They have won only 5 of 8 Super Bowls. This seems crazy, and it is, only because today the QB or RB or most popular player from the winning team wins MVP. The Cowboys have an MVP in one loss and the only Co-MVP's.

Tomorrow we preview the Colts and Bears on Friday. Soon enough I'll throw down my pick.


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