Friday, February 02, 2007

Bears Win it All

I thought I'd wait until tomorrow for this, but why not go ahead and lay it down. Besides, I'll be away from my desk for a few days, and don't want to risk not having this on record, timestamped.

I'm taking the Bears. 13-9. Very low scoring. Very ugly. Its what the Bears would kill for, a dirty ugly slow burner. It's not destined, but lots of times teams that have too much hype around them collapse like houses of cards. The Colts, are paper champions. Their heart is in about three players and a kicker. The Bears are workmen-like and are being disrespected.

Some examples of this type situation. Remember the Patriots vs. Rams. It was "the greatest show on turf", and defending champs (right?). The Patriots had been making a killing on defense and opportunistic offense. The Rams were out gameplanned, and then made a great comeback. The same can happen this weekend.
Remember a few weeks back when University of Florida beat Ohio St. Similar situation. UF struggled and took a bunch of criticism. Granted, they deserved it and played their best game of the last two years when it counted. Teams feel the way they are being represented, and as much as I love Peyton Manning this Super Bowl has all but been given to him, but not on the field.

And this is critical. I never bother with 3rd down stats or the fact that a team is good on grass, I go with my gut when making predictions. And right now my gut tells me, that Peyton Manning is going to suffer the same fate as Dan Marino. He'll play in a Super Bowl. But he may never win one. I actually could see him winning one from the sidelines as a back up one day. Imagine that Peyton Manning as a back up for the Minnesota Vikings as they win their first Super Bowl. I can see it. As much as I don't want to, I see it. Peyton is southern royalty. He's a prince in the south, and will always be thought of as a great gentleman, and tremendous player, but he might be without certain hardware as proof.

So mark it down Bears 13 Colts 9. I hate to say it, and I'll be pulling for the Colts.


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