Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Head of the Class


For all the bad Rex Grossman did in the Super Bowl, lets think about this, Manning handled nearly twice the snaps and never had an exchange problem.

As far as the best to never win one:

Donovan McNabb has the monkey, but I bet Brett Favre really has the most self imposed pressure. He seems to have a bloodoath driving him. Of course he is the type that would much rather fade into the abyss at 45 with a bad arm. Little known fact: Johnny Unitas had to sign autographs left handed due to the damage sustained from football to his throwing arm. His son Joey and I had a couple of classes in college. Great guy. Never wore his wealth nor told anyone who his dad was.

Baseball is a little different, but the three best players are Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, and Craig Biggio. I'm starting the campaign now for Biggio.

Golf to me its Colin Montgomerie, and Sergio in a tie. You can't throw that Luke Donald mess at me. He's like 25. You don't qualify if you are that young.

Basketball its Kevin Garnett and Dirk Novitzki, with Steve Nash.

On to more important things. Today is National Signing Day, an internet holiday. Middle aged American me will log on to the internets today to see exactly how things broke down. Most haven't chatted with their fan buddies much since their respective bowl games. Some will take a half day and watch as the recruits pile up. The sports radio shows are better today than normal, because we (you are included in this too, if you aren't your team sucks) are prescribing great things from our incoming QB's and 4.3 in the 40 WR's, and don't forget to marvel at the 6'7" 335 OL from Iowa. A real corn fed hoss.

I love National Signing Day, partially because its like a half of a game. You get to talk college football and remember several years ago back to a particular bust, or hero, its fun. Like the spring game we need something to fix our jones for football. I honestly don't know how I get through May-July.

The reason this post started was Signing Day and this simple fact. USC, not So. Cal for the uninformed. The Unverisity of South Carolina was founded before California was a state, we are The USC. USC has a top ten recruiting class. Great on paper, who knows how these kids will pan out( another California reference). But that being said. We are one of 6 SEC teams in the top 10. Think its tough. Four of six teams in the East are in the top 10. Unbelieveable talent playing everyday in the SEC.


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