Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lottery Ballers

Its Selection Sunday, but I want to briefly write about a different kind of selection. The NBA Draft. I'm not an NBA guy but I can see talent, and I can usually spot the kind that translates well to the pros.

Some weeks ago I stated that I'd take Kevin Durant over Greg Oden. I want to ammend that by saying, I'd take Greg Oden only in a situation where Durant wouldn't start at Small Forward. For example, I would take Oden if I'm the Celtics or Hawks. Both have swingmen that will not be supplanted by Durant. Other than that I take Durant over Oden.

Main reason is he's just better, and Oden doesn't do it for me in the intangibles. There seems to be a lack of hustle, and energy. I don't know call me crazy, but I think he's gonna have health issues in his pro career. If Greg Oden and Dwight Howard were in a room might see what I mean. Howard is energetic, smiling and powerful. Oden slumps and sags every time I see him.

On the 3 pick and beyond let me give you a couple of names I love. Julian Wright, Kansas. I was shocked how good he was against UF in December, and he's played well all year including today. I like Corey Brewer and Al Horford at UF a ton also. Brewer is the Shane Battier of Florida. He does it all. He can go into the NBA and be a Manu Ginoboli style player. Another guy that impresses me and will be bonafide hit is Alando Tucker. He won't go out and dominate like I think Durant and Horford can, but he can be that really good shooting guard with a winning team. Add him to the Pistons or Utah and they get that much better. I don't think he makes the lottery, but he might be the guy in five years that teams regret passing up on. Especailly those that take Joakim Noah into the wrong situation. Noah can't help a team like Boston, or Memphis as much as he can help a team that is close to making the turn from poor to good. Memphis needs too much, and Boston needs a dominating big.

I think this is gonna be a tournament that a single guy takes Carmelo Anthony, and Danny Manning. I always use these examples, but I really think it can be that year....

Selection Show is an hour away...I'll post here quite a bit in the coming days and maybe again tonight. My method is pretty simple. I'll do a bracket tonight (gut reaction)...tomorrow I'll listen to some of the media pundits and make another. Then Tuesday and Wednesday I avoid it like the plague. I don't want to be tainted. During that time I make another I call my final. After that...who knows.


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