Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thorns in My Side

Two hot radio topics lately, safety at the NBA All Star Game, and fans rushing the court after wins.

The first.

Saftey in the city of the NBA All Star Game is obviously not going to improve until the rouge element in the players and this league's life get out. The wanna be hip hop producers, small time rappers, and pimps need to quit traveling around to these events. If it were only that easy. It's pretty well known that hookers travel to the Super Bowl, All Star game and many events in Las Vegas to score the big bucks. Think of it as your nerdy college buddy that went to comic book shows. Now imagine that instead of poor nerds, there are tons of well paid athletes and corporate types looking to get some strange.

How does the Super Bowl tend to survive these problems? I figure two reasons. Extremely well run league handles itself and secures itself really well off the field. Second it does have a heavy dose of corporate america visiting. Typically the CEO of Dow Corning doesn't hang out at gas stations looking for drugs or drinkin' 40's. He may however drink some Johnny Walker and get an 8pm massage in the hotel room.

I hate to make this a black white issue, but when you read what was written ahead of this, didn't you picture a young black guy at the gas station and a grey haired white guy with his hooker in the hotel. It's unfortunate that young black guys are attracted to this life style, its what is wrong with the All Star game. If 45 year old white guys liked the NBA maybe having it in Miami, New Orleans, or Las Vegas it could survive, but until its gonna be dangerous.

The only way the N. O. All Star Game is okay is if there is such a heightened prescence of law enforcement and heavy pressure from the NBA on its players to be insulated.

Last this issue of court storming in NCAA Basketball. I hate it. I hate field goal destruction also. We beg our players to "act like they've been there before" when they score...why don't we beg our fans to act accordingly. It's okay to dance and scream and hollar after you have a big win, but do it within your area...not the players.

Sure safety is important, I'm for it...but if absolutely no one was going to get still is ridiculous. The SEC has a fine system in place to prevent it, it doesn't work, but at least there is a penalty. Maybe its a step in the right direction, but I think education would be even better.

The fans of Syracuse stormed the court after a win over #10 Georgetown Monday. If they had read their almanacs or press guides they may realize they hold a commanding advantage over Georgetown. Have they no recollection of how good Syracuse has been over the last 25 years, and really since the beginning...

I don't know, it is intoxicating to win in a big game, and it's difficult to find ways to express it, especially when you know the ruiner of all things pure in sports will show it.

I don't mind saying if USC wins 11 more games this year, I'll storm the court and maybe Utah Beach.


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