Monday, March 12, 2007

Piles of Paper

Arkansas got robbed. What they got in? Oh no, I was only trying to defend the SEC...really they got in? Hmm. Let's see. Well supposedly the SEC is the #2 RPI conference...Arkansas was the best team in their division right? No, third. Really. They must have won a bunch of games against superior competition. Not really, they lost to South Carolina. Arkansas, the Razorbacks right. Interesting.

Well, I'm the biggest non-Walton Arkansas fan in the world right now. I hope they crush So. Cal. Mainly because I have SEC ties, but also because...wait for it....this is exactly what people do every year to some team, and that team usually handles themselves rather well. George Mason comes to mind. Arkansas has some talent, and I was going to pick them for the West next year. Stan Heath is one of my 5 coaches I'd want in Columbia, and his guys are young...its gonna happen for them, probably next year. If anyone is shocked by this, its probably Stan Heath. He really was on the proverbial hot seat in February, thanks largely to USC for putting the lumber to his Hogs in Columbia.

I'll tell you another team I'm pulling for. VCU. These guys have had a really good year quietly, and will be able to prove how good Jeff Capel is as a coach. They're his guys, going against his alma mater. Interesting. Most interesting to me though are the potential matchups of Louisville and Memphis, Callipari against Pittino...ohh. And Florida against a good UNLV. Lon Kruger the guy that really dug Florida out of the marsh, and into the Final Four. Don't mistake me. Billy Donovan took over and raised them to incredible heights obviously culminating in a championship. But it could be interesting. Also think back to December and January when all of the four #1 connected in some way. Florida played Kansas, and Ohio St. UNC played Ohio St. Each matchup will be different this time around and will make for extremely good television.

The other thing I see when I see these brackets are the lack of certifiable upsets. Yeah Winthrop is trendy, and I always find a 10 that will beat a 7, but for the most part, do you feel good about any 3 getting beat, or do you think its that, an upset, they happen this way all the time. I for one picked some of Syracuse's losses, and Kansas. I have always been able to get a feeling for some of those. Of course the real bracket busters are the stupid picks when I take a 4 seed a little too far. I can remember sitting in bed at night watching scores and pulling for Tulsa as if my father founded the school and my sister was a sophmore.

Funny thing. I am pursuing a job, and of course I have an interview Friday morning. I'm not worried about making the good impression, with no sleep the night before, I'm worried about making it back home for enough of the early broadcast where you get to see the next day get started. For me that 's what it is all about. Greg Gumbel sending me out to Des Moines for the early game with Witchita St. and Georgia....I'm ready...can't you tell.

So, I've filled out three bracket and keep running into one problem. All the #1's are in Atlanta, or 3 of the 4. I can't seem to beat the 1's out of the tourney. Worst part about it is the easiest two to eliminate are the ones I thought would play for the championship.( I'd list that info, but its proprietary knowledge and as such will not be published until useful.)

Enough already. More tomorrow. Maybe I'll throw you a bone and give you my lock and upset for round one.


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