Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Houston, We Have The Answer?

Hoops start back in earnest tomorrow. I need Vanderbilt, and UNLV. Oh do I need that to happen.

I actually haven't much to say, except that I love that the Falcons finally traded Matt Schaub, and especially to the Texans. I laugh at these moves. First it will hurt the Falcons. Mike Vick can't stay healthy, are you serious. He'll miss two games a year the rest of his career.

Second, the Texans are essentially giving up on David Carr. Good move in one sense. He's not going to have a very long career with the protection offered in Houston, so he becomes a liability. The other thought though Matt Schaub that much better, even potentially than David Carr?

I guess though, the 49er's did get Steve Young from Tampa Bay.

I'm ready for baseball too though. I just want to see Barry Zito snapping off knee bucklers for the Giants. Excited. Finally a player on the Giants I like. I miss JT Snow.


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