Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ides of March

Its here, the ides of March are upon us. Luckily it shouldn't mean we are about to be stabbed in the back by our closest ally.

It means today we tip it off. And actually the first game for me is one of the most important. Maryland vs. Davidson. I have Maryland in the Final Four for one of my entries. I'll be upfront and honest. I do multiple brackets. I have my #1 official bracket that tends to be conservative, in a pool of my closest friends. My other brackets are more extreme, and I post those on websites like or I only enter those to win TV's and what not. I have an official bracket that will be of most concern, because believe it or not I'd rather beat my friends than win a TV. Bragging rights are very valuable.

Anyway Maryland was a team I had in my official bracket but have sinced backed off of, Florida is just too much. Anther game to be leary of in the Midwest is Arizona and Purdue. I have no doubts that this is a bad mix of Arizona players, but five of them might be drafted this coming draft, so there's talent there. I'd hate to see them jell against Florida on Sunday or whenever.

Another critical game, same region is UNLV and Georgia Tech. I have UNLV in my elite eight in every bracket. I believe strongly in this team. I saw them play Texas Tech when Bobby Knight was going for 890. The slaughtered TTU for 32 minutes. Tech made it close late, but couldn't get it done. They are pissed about only having a 7 seed, and maybe they play like they have something to prove. Plus GIT only won 3 road games this year...I don't like that.

Boston College is playing a bunch of critical games also. I've got them as an elite eight team...and I'm worried. If they lose today, with UNLV, I'm as good as done. But the most important game of the weekend is Louisville and Texas A&M. If they both make the weekend, I must have Louisville win. I've got them in the Final Four and need them to make it happen.

Three teams to watch...desperately.

One non tournament related note. I watched highlights of Jamarcus Russell....he looked really good. Mechanics were much much better than what I've seen in the past. I still don't know about him making a great qb, which is what you expect from a #1 pick. But wow he looked good.


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