Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Old Man Take a Look at Your Life

Okay I promised some lock and an upset. Here's what I'll do. I'm still feeling a little funny about throwing out some picks when I haven't finalized my stuff.

I'll tell you this. This tournament is like all the others even though I at first thought there was no way the four 1s or at least some 1s and some 2s would make the final four. I can see each 1 losing, but only to the 2 in that bracket. Well I've changed my tune. I say this is like the other tourney's in that you can lock it up, the 1s advance on Thursday and Friday, but not necessarily past Sunday. I think this year one can lose during the weekend.

I'll also say I'm sure a 12 will take a 5. Don't know who, but it'll probably happen.

I'll give you the upset I think is a certain thing. Creighton over Nevada. I'll also tell you I expect whole heartedly that UNLV knocks out Wisconsin this weekend.

That is more than I'd give my mother.

I'll tell you this also. I think UNC hangs on two guys out of the dozen they play. Ty Lawson and Tyler Hansborough. If they struggle, this team might slip. They are too young. They don't feel an urgency I'd expect if they were Seniors and Juniors....just a thought....

I feel I've given too much....

One more thing. Forget about Greg Oden....he's already gone...


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