Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's Almost Here

I haven't posted in some time and now guilt has set in. So this is a contrived post to make me feel a little bit better.

My favorite two weeks in sports starts this weekend. Here's what's on tap.

-Cooper River Bridge Run...a local 10k that has 30,000 runners most of which are there to party, and exercise...great event.

-Final Four...obviously the basketball weekend of the year...Go Gators...ugh.

-Opening of the Major League Baseball season. I do love opening day, and really the whole month, then I get back into the pennant races circa August. Watch out for those Twins. Every trendy pick seems to have the Indians, Tigers and White Sox as the top three in the Central. Twins have always responded to adversity with someone you've never heard of...I will not count them out.

-The Masters, and really the following week's Heriatige Golf Event on Hilton Head. This will carry the best week into three weeks but seriously not that many people are reading, and even more truthfully I could careless for the rules I've applied. The Master's to me is the beginning of the golf season. It is the official beginning of spring and the best Sunday of any Sunday that isn't Super Bowl Sunday. And I contend if America treated the final round at the Masters the way we treat the Super Bowl, it would be the best day of the year. I'd buy gifts for my family and friends and bake a turkey. LOVE Masters' Sunday.

-Also Spring Football and the NFL Draft...okay so its really a month...April is my favorite sports month. Until September, when college football starts...and baseball is in fever mode, and every two years the Ryder Cup gets contested...oh good stuff


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