Thursday, March 22, 2007

Snuggle Soft McCreamy

Josh McRoberts will be an absolute failure in the NBA. This guy is horrible in college, so why not "take his game to the next level". I hate that phrase. McRoberts has a ton of speculated talent, and potential, but I've never seen it. Don't tell me you have. If you have, seriously seen some quality in McRoberts, I beg you to tell me when you saw it. He never lived up to the hype for Duke. Matter of fact, I think he might be the biggest bust Coach K has recruited. Chris Burgess was a stiff that needed to do some morman missions so he left. At least he left with dignity, McRoberts is leaving having done nothing.

Did Josh McRoberts make the second team All ACC? If he did its only because he's the most recognizable player for one of the two most popular teams. He didn't deserve it. At least not during the 20 games I watched. McRoberts would be better off on Grey's Anatomy. He would make a great McCreamy.

See you later Josh, enjoy the D-League.


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