Friday, March 30, 2007

UCLA for #12

I'm sick simply writing this, but I expect UCLA to beat Ohio St. to win the National Championship. There are too many people picking Florida, thereby giving UCLA the dreaded chip on their shoulder and lockeroom peg board material. I just believe they are missing one key thing. Each team is one year wiser, and usually the loser from the year before has more to prove, and feels a greater sense of urgency.

I'm disappointed that this will happen, mainly because I like Florida, and they are SEC family.

Ohio St. will beat Georgetown, because they are straight up better. Everyone is talking about Ohio St.'s close calls, but Georgetown had to rally to beat Vandy and really were in the right place at the right time to beat UNC. They are good, very good, but Ohio St. seems to have 9 lives with a couple left to spend. I actually don't think this game will be close, and when the championship rolls around, look for it to be played in the fifties. The 1950's and a score in the 50's. Lots of defense, Arron Afflalo can shut down Mike Conley Jr if he has to guard him, which I figure he will have too. Collison, might get burned for a little while.

Anyway UCLA wins 56-51.



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